About idaas.nl

idaas.nl is an identity as a service solution providing user registration and single-sign on capabalities.


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Identity Platform

From your organization its perspective, idaas.nl provides an advanced identity platform fully configurable using the web interface or via APIs.

From a technology perspective, idaas.nl is build as a multi-tenant solution built to scale out.

From a user perspective, idaas.nl is a user friendly platform he might not even know about. Registration and login processes run smoothly and provides the user with the access he needs while his information is kept secure.

idaas.nl can function stand-alone or act as a broker towards other identity providers such as social login providers or your company its identity provider such as ADFS. Integrates perfectly with existing services and websites by embracing identity and accesss management standards.


Our mission is to build a powerful identity platform that supports organization in building to most user friendly and secure logging in and registration flows, for both customers and employees.